Cyber Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that you were able to enjoy your family and friends like I did. Much of my holiday was spend holding sick grandbabies. They were so pitiful and I loved every minute of them needing to be held, cuddled and spoiled.

Due to their illnesses we decided not to drive to Hillsville, Virginia for our annual Christmas tree hunt. Instead on Saturday we went to the Farmers Market and bought our trees there.  A beautiful Frazier fir cost $50.  They wrapped it and tied it to the van for us. Couldn’t have been easier. It was still exciting for the kiddos, minus the hour long car trip.  Taz had $5 and had his heart set on buying fruit with it. He walked away with a beautiful bag of apples and couldn’t have been prouder.

On Sunday Steve was sick so my dad , Zac, Sarah and the babies attended church. It was also Steve’s birthday – happy 60th! We had soups made from our leftover turkey (turkey noodle) and I used our leftover mashed potatoes to make potato soup. It is such  a simple recipe. A large box of chicken broth into my crockpot. All the leftover mashed potatoes added on high. Stir until smooth. About 1/2 hour before serving add 1 cup of whole milk and  1 cup of shredded cheese.  Easy peasy and so delicious.

While it was Cooking I worked on the kiddos bedroom – started adding furniture back.

It feels good to put things back

I spent today – Cyber Monday finishing my Christmas shopping – but I have so many projects I still want to make. Knitting like crazy. Making washcloths, dish cloths, cowls and ponchos for Taz and Breezy. Soap is next on my agenda. Hope to start that before the week is out. Also painting, painting and more painting. Can’t forget the Christmas decorating either.

But, instead of that I worked on my steps 15,448 today and looked  at my beautiful Bradford pear trees.

I hope you are all doing well too. Even though Thanksgiving is over I am grateful for everything.

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Another Great Day!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving found me spending lots of time with Taz and Breezy. The weather was so pretty that we spent the afternoon eating popcorn, swinging on the swing, playing baseball and throwing out deer corn.

Painting was a no go. Steve actually wanted to talk about our plans for the kitchen and Black Friday sales so we wound up going to Lowe’s and purchasing my new appliances. Didn’t think of taking a picture but it’s a Frigidaire suite in stainless and black. I will be so thankful to have a self-cleaning oven, a dishwasher that washes and a fridge that the door stays shut. Next week on Thursday they should arrive. Yay!

Last week I worked on a little project for my hallway.

Love this easy wall decoration!

I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby. The letters that I really wanted were larger, white weathered and $27 each.  Common sense sent me in another direction and these wooden letters worked fine. After several  coats of gray, cream and dark gray spray paint, and some sanding they looked like this. They were $8 apiece – not a bargain but they worked. The natural pine cone and nut wreath is one I have had for 15 years. I love it.

Our Christmas Eve pajamas arrived. Every year each family member gets new pajamas on Christmas Eve – we put them on and we open presents wearing them Christmas morning. This is a Christmas tradition our family has had since they were little.  Back then we would also get a new Christmas movie and watch it with hot chocolate, popcorn and Christmas cookies and our new pjs.  After a while no one would notice if I slipped away to wrap the last presents. I am going to wash them tomorrow and my dad will wrap them for each person. Sophie and Sarah picked them out together. We hope they are a big hit.

Tomorrow morning is Walmart time. Steve and I need to get our gift for the giving tree at church. He is at Costco now getting all the ingredients for our sides and desserts, but tomorrow is for the things we forgot – and we always forget something.

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