Chalk Paint is Wonderful!

Steve and I built some of our own furniture when we first were married. We built a sofa out of framing lumber and a twin mattress, a breakfast nook table out of a barrel and a hutch for the dining room. This hutch eventually was crackle painted and put in our kitchen. Remember crackle paint?

It became part of Zac and Sarah’s dining room when they moved into the stone house. When my mom and dad moved in I gave my dining room set to Zac and Sarah so the hutch went out – literally.

So I had this idea to repurpose it – with chalk paint, and put it into a guest room. This will be a guest room especially for sleepovers with the grandkids. The hutch will house their books and some antique toys.

I decided to use Valspar brand chalk paint from Lowe’s in Trousseau Blue.

Breezy and I washed it with soapy water.

We sanded it a little because the crackle paint texture was so uneven. The painting was fun for everyone.

It took two coats to cover nicely. One coat of the wax was all it needed.

Here is the finished product – I think it looks great. When you consider that we built this prior to having children and have moved it three times (that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, Three!) I think we got our money’s worth. Chalk paint was so easy to use. I am thrilled with the results.

This blog took me all day to write because

this sick little girl was wandering around in front of the barn.  Eye infection and respiratory infection – $77 at the vet. I named her Smokey.  There are worse things than being an old cat lady!



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