A good mistake!

A few weeks ago I went to Lowe’s to get paint. My colors were Mindful Grey in eggshell and Alabaster in semi-gloss. I was talking too much and didn’t check my paint until I reached home. There it was. Minimalist Grey which is a much darker color.

Out of total laziness (Lowe’s is 30 minutes away) and some embarrassment I decided to keep it.  So this morning, while feeling the need to show that we are accomplishing SOMETHING I painted our den (we have always called it the wood stove room). The trim will be done tomorrow but so far it looks great.

Minimalist Grey by Sherwin Williams

The walls in this room are covered in paper . Not wallpaper. Brown kraft paper. We tore squares of paper and applied them to the wall with watered down glue. It almost looked like leather on the walls. I loved it, but 10 years later it’s time for a change. If it wasn’t for my mistake, the walls might still be brown. Some mistakes are good.

I always take the before picture after starting to tear things up!

The rug has been ordered for this room. It’s a soft grey, blue and off white. The floors are red brick so the contrast should be pretty. A sofa cover has been ordered in off white. Steve doesn’t want a new sofa. He has this one perfectly broken in (ugh!!)  The curtains aren’t picked out yet but I’ll probably go with just a valance on black metal rods.

Navy, soft grey and off white rug

Sophie and I talked about grey because I was worried that it was a fad and would be out of style before long. However, she pointed out my grey stone behind the wood stove which was there for 30 years.  The side door entry has grey stone on the floor. There has always been cast iron and black metal objects displayed. I wear lots of grey and black clothes. So maybe it’s not being trendy after all but finally organizing what I like.

Since I last checked in we have moved the chalk painted cabinet up to the kids room. That was something else. Needless to say at one point it was jammed in the hallway with the top on the toilet and Zac standing in the tub.

Andrew is out doing Passion Flower Farm business and Zac is mowing our yard. Taz and Breezy are having quiet time at their house and my dad is asleep in his recliner.  The woods are beautiful with the sun shining off the gold, red and orange leaves. We need to collect some pretty leaves later today to use for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.


Smokey, my little grey sweety, is lying on my clean clothes that need to be folded. Time for the next job .

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